Postural Education retrains us to maintain healthy posture.

Posture affects how we look and how we feel; it determines how much effort we need in our daily activities.

Many postural change can occur during a persons lifetime. Accidents, sports injuries or aging may influence the way a person stands and walks.

Areas most overwhelmed by these changes are the neck, shoulders, lumbar, spine, hips, knees and ankles.

Poor posture can impede muscles from regularly working which in turn forces other muscles, ligaments, and tendons to stress and become inflamed. If not properly treated it can cause pain and increase the risk for future injuries. Many times, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain and knee pain can be a result of unhealthy posture.

The major aim of postural education is to help people improve their posture.

Implications of Postural Education

Postural Education can improve an individual’s lifestyle. It will train the person on how to easily retain natural curves of their backs and neck when standing, sitting, moving or transfer of body weight from the spine to the other body parts without overburdening joints.

It ensures that there is a neutral spine alignment to decrease stress on the facet joints and the pelvis.

At Rowena Chiropractic we perform an postural assessment and how it might influence performance at work, sports or other daily activities.

Then we design a course of action to help improve your posture. We review postural corrections you need to obtain a efficient posture and exercises to increase strength in specific areas to yield the best results.


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