"Dr. FitzGerald is an Agatha Christie of Chiropractic.  Four years of constant back pain is gone.  The mystery is solved.  Not only do I understand what was causing the issue, I know how to make the specific changes needed. This woman is a true doctor and healer.  She listens and is personally curious about what is causing the pain.  It is very clear she loves her work.  She has good strength and excellent technique and she uses a variety of tools and technology.  There is no sales pitch like a lot of other doctors I've met. The plan for how to proceed is an objective discussion. Her work speaks for itself.  I can't express the joy I feel for the relief she's been able to bring me. I HIGHLY recommend making an appointment with Theresa."

"The best chiropractor EVER! Been seeing her since the mid-90s. The one thing that she does that I appreciate so much is she includes daily available slots for appointments for that day! I love it, and I told her so! I also love her office---so clean and organized and her choice of colors for her walls and furniture----and her assistant Carmen is the best!" 

"Dr. Theresa is a wonderful chiropractor. I've been her patient since 1994. She is a very good and effective doctor, and unlike some chiropractors she does not keep scheduling you endlessly for subsequent appointments - you simply take care of whatever problem that needs attention, then you are free to reschedule when you need it. I've been a bit negligent in my chiropractic care - I tend to show up every couple of years when my back goes out (just finished another round of adjustments) - but I'm going to schedule a follow up every few months as it helps me so much. If you're looking for a chiropractor who really listens & knows how to find & take care of what ails you quickly and conservatively, go to Dr. Fitzgerald."